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Boricated alcohol 4%, 25 mls

3.88 lei
Boricated alcohol 4%: local antiseptic, decontaminant. Composition: boric acid 4%, ethyl alcohol 96 ° 70%, purified water q.s. ad.100%. Way

Boro-glycerine 10%, 20 g

3.87 lei
Boro-glycerine 10%: disinfectant, antifungal, antiseptic, slightly anesthetic. Indications: Stomatitis, canker sores. Composition: Borax (sodium tetraborate) 10%, glycerin q.s. ad. 100%.

Camphor alcohol 10%, 50 mls

6.01 lei
Camphor alcohol 10%: disinfectant, revulsive, soothing itching, antiseptic with local action. Composition: camphor 10%, ethyl alcohol 96 ° -70%, purified

Castor oil, 100 mls

7.63 lei
Way of usage: Internal- laxative, purgative, preoperative preparation, preparation for investigations in the digestive tract; External- strengthens nails, stimulates the

Castor oil, 50 mls

4.64 lei
Way of usage: Internal: Laxative, purgative, preoperative preparation, preparation for investigations in the digestive tract; External: Strengthens nails, stimulates the

Gentian violet 1%, 25 mls

3.17 lei
Composition: gentian violet 1%, ethyl alcohol 96 ° 10%, purified water q.s. ad. 100%. How to use: External- Brushes of

KLINTENSIV® sanitary alcohol, 500 mls

9.16 lei

Klintensiv is a disinfectant for external use, which provides excellent results, with bactericidal and yeasticidal action, intended for use in sanitary units, but also at home.

Menthol alcohol 1%, 50 mls

7.06 lei
Menthol Alcohol 1%: Local disinfectant, antiseptic, antimicrobial, antifungal. Composition: menthol 1%, ethyl alcohol 96 ° Way of usage: External:

Mentholated mixture, 100 mls

5.21 lei
Mentholated Mixture has a calming, antipruritic, refreshing, analgesic, and astringent effect. Menthol and peppermint essential oil in the composition have

Methylene blue 1% , 25 mls

3.17 lei
Methylene blue 1%: Analgesic, antiseptic, disinfectant. Composition: methylene blue 1%, distilled water q.s. ad. 100%. Indications: Various dermatological actions, stomatitis,

Oxygenated water 3%, 200 mls

2.98 lei
Pharmacological action: Antiseptic from the group of oxidants. Manifests hemostatic effect. Inactivates organic substances – proteins, blood, bacteria. The released

Paraffin oil, 100 mls

5.51 lei
Action: The substance makes a film on the surface of the mucosa of the digestive tract and softens the intestinal