Klintensiv® a range of disinfectants designed for your needs

There are situations where a product for professional or personal use is not enough to perform a proper sanitizing of the surfaces for the purpose of disinfecting and proliferating bacteria that can cause infections and health problems respectively. Hospitals, clinics, health care homes are just a few examples of environments that require a professional cleaning gentle, where it is necessary to intervene with products that can efficiently intervene and provide complete hygiene. Since the beginning of our business, we have focused on providing a standardized game of products through a production process that is characterized by rigor and maximum attention, for which all the products you find on our page are approved disinfectants Ministry health.

Our range of products for general use

The substances contained in our products come from the most prestigious companies in the field, being carefully selected so that they can be classified as high-quality products. Our concept is based entirely on recycling a considerable part of the results so that we can respect the environment, which is also a priority for us. Our product range works effectively against such invisible soiled walls, working in-depth, making even the slightest traces of dirt disappear. This range includes products such as liquid soap, hand gel, instrument disinfectant or surface disinfectant. All these sanitized disinfectants The Ministry of Health contributes to maintaining the most efficient cleaning of areas where more hygienic than exemplary hygiene is required.

Klintensiv® Hand Gel

Another product in the disinfectant category approved Ministry of Health is the Klintensiv® Hand Gel created by doctors for doctors. This marvelous product cleanses your hands in depth and does not let them sticky, making any trace of viruses and bacteria disappear. Worthy of mention is our product Klintensiv® Soap Liquid with antimicrobial properties, helps maintain effective hand hygiene and is an excellent product for frequent use. The quality of ingredients used for all these products and the ideal pH make your skin clean and fresh. It is an excellent product that has been created to be suitable even after performing medical interventions or after removing work equipment.

Klintensiv® Antimicrobian Soap

For example, our Cleansing Soap Antimicrobian product with disinfectant effect, cleans hands effectively and at the same time has a gentle action on the skin. It is recommended to be used between patients in medical units, especially between medical interventions after exposure to pathogens that they could pass on. This product does not contain triclosan, has microbiological properties and a chemical composition that does not harm human health.

Products intended for professional use for disinfecting and cleaning surfaces

These are just a few of our general-purpose products, and we also have a product category, namely those for professional use. From this category of disinfectants approved Ministry of Health are part of the series of instrumental disinfectants. Such disinfectants are solutions that are concentrated with non-aldehyde detergents and disinfectants with a broad spectrum of biocidal action created according to the regulations of the European harmonized rules on disinfection. It is mainly used for disinfecting instruments in medical units. To be used correctly, we recommend that the product be diluted, ie 20 ml of product per liter of water and insert the cleaned instruments in this composition for 5 minutes. We recommend that this product not be used with other types of detergent with biocidal action, especially those containing anionic or aldehyde formulations.

Klintensiv® Instruments

As we have thought about everything, we also offer disinfectants specially designed for surface cleaning, namely Klintensiv® Instruments for Surfaces. The product formula does not contain alcohol and is ready for use whenever necessary. It is recommended to be used especially for delicate surfaces. Being a professional product, it is recommended that it be used only by qualified personnel with knowledge of safety rules.

Klintensiv® products range created by doctors for doctors

If you want really effective products, namely sanitizers advised by the Ministry of Health then surely our products from the Klintensiv® range are the best choice. Each of these products have their features and properties that prove to be effective when used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. In order to benefit from these products from the Klintensiv® range, you only have to contact us and one of our specialists will provide you with all the information you need to be able to benefit from them. These products provide you with effective action in all directions, exemplarily cleaning any type of surface and effectively acting against viruses and bacteria.

Since we launched these products on the market they have gained tremendous popularity, so we have so far managed to supply such products to many medical units in our country. By choosing our products choose the highest quality and by using them you can ensure that all the surfaces are cleaned. Since the Ministry of Health is a disinfectant, you can ensure that any product-related hazards are removed from the start.

Our experience is attested through our highly trained and highly trained staff, but also through collaboration with various medical specialists and not only to develop these formulas we offer today. Our lab technicians constantly improve these formulations to provide you with effective cleaning products and a range of products that we are sure will become indispensable in your work. We wait for your orders, but contact us to find out everything you need to order these excellent and effective products for surface disinfection. All these products in the disinfectant category approved Ministry of Health become an effective aid for your daily activities.