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GLUTACIDE ™ is a high level, concentrated cyclic disinfectant used for:

  • disinfection and cleaning of work surfaces in the sanitary-medical field,
  • of the surfaces of the agro-food industry, of the surfaces related to the production, transport, storage and consumption of food and beverages in the industrial field.

Chemical composition per 100 g of product:

Active substance:

  • 10% Glutaraldehyde, CAS: 111-30-8, EC: 203-856-5
  • 15% Quaternary ammonium compounds, benzyl C12-16 alkyldimethyl, chlorides, CAS: 68424-85-1, EC: 270-325-2

Other ingredients: perfume, dye, water.

GLUTACIDE ™ is used as follows: in 1% dilution, by wiping, spraying or nebulizing (cold fog) in the sanitary-veterinary field, food industry and communities.

* Under certain conditions (outbreaks of epidemic, epizootic, porous surfaces, unhealthy / unclean spaces, disinfection equipment adjustment, etc.) the minimum consumption norm is doubled. For the disinfection by spraying in the calculation of the surfaces, the coefficient of 2.5 will be used according to the Order of the Minister of Agriculture and Public Food no. 76-PT / 1981.

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