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Kit for testing the efficiency of the surface cleaning and disinfection procedure

The kit consists of:

  • 16x100mm polypropylene tube containing 1 ml saline solution, with green cap with thread;
  • Sterile collector with plastic rod and polyester applicator attached to the tube lid;
  • 2 Sterile dials delimiting a surface of 5x5 cm, packed together;
  • Pipeta Transfer Pasteur;

Presentation mode: Boxes containing the necessary supplies for 50 samples, respectively:

  • 50 tubes with 1 ml saline solution;
  • 25 packages each containing 2 sterile sampling dials;
  • 50 Pasteur pipettes;
  • The products are sterile and are accompanied by quality certificates, guarantee and confirmation of their sterility issued by the manufacturer.

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