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Do the germs scare you? Do you want to have a clean space that makes you feel always safe? Nothing easier! Klintensiv developed a concentrated disinfectant for surfaces, instruments and aeromicroflora. This product can be used in the veterinary, industrial, food and community sectors. Desogen is a product recommended for the disinfection of surfaces and tools from veterinary practices, livestock complexes, stables, shelters and animal transport. It is also recommended for the disinfection of livestock production halls and in epizootological outbreaks prior to the establisment of other cleaning methods.  Desogen can be used also in the agro-food industy for  the disinfection of areas related to the production, transport, storage of food.

Instruction of use: Depending on the mode of application of the product, prepare a solution with an appropriate concentration:

  • Imersion: 1% dilution - action time: 60 minutes
  • Wiping / scrubbing: 0.25% dilution - action time: 60 minutes; dilution 0.5% - action time: 15 minutes;
  • Spraying / nebulisation: 0.5% dilution - action time: 30 minutes (10 ml / m2 or 5 ml / m3);
  • Active substance: Glutaraldehyde and alkylbenzyldmethil ammonium chloride.
Type of biocidal product according to HG 956/2005:
  • Main group 1: Disinfectants and general biocides
  • Product type: 3,4 - products used for veterinary hygiene, for disinfection of  materials and surfaces associated with the accommodation or transportation of animals. These products are also recommended for disinfection of equipment, containers, surfaces and pipes used for the production, transport, storage or consumption of food for humans and animals.
  • Category of users: veterinary,  industrial.
Warning: This product is intended for professional use and will be utilized by qualified personnel which knows the safety rules in the field. Storage in tight, clean, well ventilated areas is recommended, with temperatures between + 5 °C to + 30 °C.  Each delivery batch will be accompanied by the quality certification, realised in accordance with the legal provisions, and by the declaration of conformity based on data sheets, analysis reports and health advice.

Packaging methods: 1000 ml, 5000 ml.

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