Because we spend a lot of hours at work in larger or smaller collectives, we need to know how to protect our health. The most elementary thing we learn from the early childhood is washing hands. In addition to this, it is necessary to add the disinfection of the hands, because with the evolution of the society, there have also evolved microbes, germs or parasites. Proper hand hygiene is the first factor in preventing the spread and acquisition of many viruses and bacteria. For this reason, our products help maintain cleanliness, while providing skin protection and care. Hand and skin disinfectants provide hygienic hand disinfection in just 30 seconds, with a residual effect of 3 hours after application. The right way to wash your hands involves washing them first with soap and abundant water, as well as using a hand disinfectant. The products we offer for this purpose are either liquid soap, spray or gel, all with antimicrobial effect. Their composition prevents dry or cracked hands, no matter the number of uses, with fast action. Maintaining proper hand hygiene is the safest way to protect against all kinds of diseases, these being the first to come into contact with a contaminated environment. By not knowing, failing or with poor hygiene, we risk becoming sick with hepatitis, and the list of diseases that can be transmitted through unspent hands is long. Because children are the most exposed and vulnerable, it is necessary to teach them how to take care of hand hygiene. We avoid or minimize contacting infections of all kinds that can affect their parents.

Even if the surfaces with which our hands come into contact are clean, do not have the impression that it is. We must be constantly aware that appearances are cheating, and microbes, germs and viruses are everywhere. For this reason, it is good to have an antibacterial hand disinfectant in the form of a spray or gel. Quickly and efficiently, with the help of these we escape the stress of the possibility of contacting different pathogens that are permanently present in the environment and who are responsible for the emergence of infectious diseases.

According to statistics, only 70% of peoples wash their hands after using the toilet. So, to be sure we are not contacting a microbe, germ or virus from the 30%, we need to use, besides soap and water, an antibacterial hand disinfectant that keeps us from dealing with these problems for at least 3 hours after application!