10 tips to avoid getting sick at the office

Like most people, from cities and beyond, you probably spend most days in the office, in a closed space. Having a constant interaction with other colleagues, in a word, you are always busy. So are the germs and viruses ..... will wait for you. 

Here are 10 tips to limit the possibility of contacting a virus:

1. Ensure your hand hygiene: Whether you wash them with soap and water or use a disinfectant gel, clean hands are important for maintaining health. A small bottle of disinfectant gel used in the office is a wonderful idea.

2. Stay hydrated: it is shown that improper hydration destabilizes the immune system ... and this is where the trouble begins.

3. Avoid colleagues who are chilled or appear to be sick: Obviously if George from the accounting department has a pronounced cough and you need to see him, it is preferable to send him an email instead.

4. Take small breaks throughout the day: A fresh mouth of oxygen and extra activity are helpful in preventing the disease.

5. If you have days off - use them! The very long periods of work, without pauses exhaust the body, making it more and more vulnerable.

6. Keep an office as clean as possible: Try to clean the office at least once a week. We recommend disinfectant wipes for surfaces.

7. Wash your coffee mug or saucer regularly: This is true for other office utensils.

8. Use only once plastic plates or glasses.

9. If you are already sick, try to stay home for at least 1-2 days. Thus, your colleagues will thank you, and your chances of spreading a virus are lower.

10. Take your daily dose of vitamin C or Omega-3: It is preferable to replace nutritional supplements with regular consumption of fruits, fish or seeds. They play an important role for a healthy immune system.

If the place where you work, your office, is a medical unit, a hospital or a clinic, we offer you a full range of professional medical disinfectants.

Health is first!