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KLINTENSIV® AMBIOCIDE is used as follows: For the disinfection of room air, a specially designed (nebuliser) device is used in which the required quantity of the product is calculated, based on the volume of the room. Turn on the nebulizer after all doors and windows have been closed and the room is discharged. Let it work until the solution initially introduced ends. After switching off the appliance, the product is allowed to act for 5-60 minutes, depending on the degree of microbiological decontamination you Where to use: in the sanitary area, schools, kindergartens, universities, crowded urban / rural areas (railway stations, airports, malls, banks, supermarkets, cinemas), industrial areas, private locations, bars, and so on.
When to use: preferably at the end of working day for crowded areas / communities, industrial; whenever needed - medical and domestic.

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