How do I buy from Klintensiv®? How is the delivery made?

Products marketed on Klintensiv® can be purchased following a simple and intuitive procedure:

First, choose the products you want to purchase using the product menus at the top and left of the pages. The desired products can be added to your shopping cart using the Add to Cart button. To complete the order, click the representative shopping cart button located on the right side of the screen. In the next steps, you will be asked for more details about the delivery address and billing method, information on the delivery method and the way the payment is made. These steps are well structured. For more details, you can view the command steps page.

How to deliver products in Bucharest:

You have the courier option in 24 hours via Fan Courier, Urgent Cargus or Dragon Star. The cost of the basic transport is 20 lei, only in the coverage area of the courier. (The cost of additional kilometers will be calculated separately by the courier company.)

How to deliver products to the rest of the country (Romania):

Delivery of products is done by courier service offered by Fan Courier, Urgent Cargus or Dragon Star. In general, we ship with Standard Service 24 hours after receiving the order, if it was placed until 16:00 from Monday to Friday. If the order was made after 16:00, on Saturday or Sunday we are committed to sending the order on the first working day.

Delivery rates are:

The cost of the basic transport is 20 lei, only in the coverage area of the courier. (The cost of additional kilometers will be calculated separately by the courier company.)

If you wish to make delivery outside courier service coverage, the transport cost will be 0.9 lei / km extra, VAT included.

For example: 1 piece of 1 kg that is shipped 60 km away from the nearest office will cost 69 lei, VAT included (15.00 + 60×0.9 lei). The list of localities with courier coverage can be found here.However, there is the possibility, quite rarely, not to send you the product the next day if we do not have it in our stock and none of our partners have it. You will be notified and will be offered a product as an alternative or an approximate delivery time, depending on your urgency.

In the event of delays, you will be notified by a member of the Klintensiv® team by phone. Referrals will also be sent by email. The products are delivered to the address you specified as the delivery address when placing the order.

Delivering products to the European Union or other countries:

The transport costs are entirely borne by the buyer, and the rates will be those practiced by local couriers in the country or region.

Company contact:

SC Klintensiv S.R.L.

Reg. J23 / 3025/2011

CUI: RO29359178


Working place: Address: Sos. Alexandriei nr. 544, km. 14, 077025 Bragadiru, Ilfov, Romania

Mobile: 0742 193 981 / Phone: 021.448.14.99


How do I pay for my product orders:

Payment of orders left on can be made by:

1. Payment on delivery (repayment)

This payment method will be used when you choose the Pay-by-Delivery method when you receive your parcel at home, by fast courier. Once you place your order, we prepare the package, hand it over to the courier, and you will pay the price of the product and shipping when the courier delivers the product to the desired address.

2. Pay online with the card

This form of payment will be used when you choose the method within the order: Paying online with the card. sells its products online via Mobilpay’s online payment services. This way we can provide our customers with a secure and efficient online ordering and payment service.

3. Payment by bank transfer

After placing the order, you will receive a confirmation email and the details needed to make the bank transfer. Payment is made within 3 calendar days of the order, in the bank account.

Important: the payment order must contain the order number and date! The delivery of the products will be done after confirmation of the transaction. Failure to pay the amount mentioned in the invoice results in cancellation of the order.